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 This is super silly, but I whine because I will be attending a wedding for a few days right after VLD S04 premiere and thus wouldn’t be able to watch it for a few days  (normally I'd take my laptop with me, but mother is afraid it gets lost or stolen)
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 Interactions I enjoy most: Shiro & Pidge,  Shiro  & Keith,  Pidge & Hunk & Lance
Interaction fans crave: Keith  & Lance 
Interaction we will get in future episodes: Allura & Keith
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Man, some of the Secret Empire tie ins are great. I love Mighty Captain Marvel and Secret Warriors (who are Quake and Karnak and Mockingbird and Giant Man and Inferno, though?). Captain America is chilling, both of them, and gaves fascinating insight into inner workings of a fascist regime. I wonder how the story will end.
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The worry about dark themes in children’s and teen literaturÄ™ strikes me as absurdly americacentric. In Europe, minors are expected to be familiar with literary classics, no matter how dark and disturbing can they be. Below are some pieces studied by students aged 13-18 (same age as yound adult literature’s intended readers) in Polish schools.

Shakespeare’s plays: Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, Macbeth, Merchant of Venice, + comedy of choice. Every single one includes graphic violence (Pound. Of. Flesh.) and onscreen deaths, more often than not by murder. Other themes include teen suicide, unapologetic bigotry and mental illness. (Readers’ age: 13-18)

Quo Vadis: graphic violence and death scenes, slavery apologia, graphic animal cruelty, forced double suicide, and unapologetic bigotry. (Readers’ age: 13-14)

The Sorrows of Young Werther: blatant suicide ideation. (Readers’ age: 16)

Crime and Punishment: graphic description of violent murder, sympathy towards the murderer. (Readers’ age: 17)

Master and Margarita: ho boy, where to start? Graphic violence, graphic death, extremely grotesque and disturbing imagery, blasphemous content, antiauthoritarian themes. (Readers’ age: 18)

The Name of The Rose: graphic descriptions of murder and violence, discussion of homosexuality, showing catholic church in bad light. (Readers’ age: 16)

These are stories teenagers are expected to read. You may argue they were not intended for teens. Fine. Here are the most popular writers of children’s and teen literature in Japan.

Osamu Tezuka has written some disturbing stories for mature readers, but even his mangas intended for children include graphic violence, cruelty, and deaths, cannibalism, child abuse, human trafficking, and bad endings, ranging from protagonists failing to achieve their goals to extinction of humanity.

Riyoko Ikeda: LGBT plots in almost every story, violence, on screen deaths, including deaths of children, attempted rape, implied rape, attempted murder, incest, toxic relationships.

Tomino Yoshiyuki: extreme violence, graphic death scenes including child characters and protagonists (with whole casts perishing in many cases), bad endings, usually the most extreme.

Naoko Takeuchi: graphic death scenes including child characters and protagonists, prevailing LGBT plots, incest, implied attempted rape, romances with disturbing implications, out of which relationship between 14-year old girls and 18-year old boys is the LEAST disturbing.

CLAMP. Even when we take into account only the works explicitly stated to be for children, we still encounter incest, homo/bisexuality, adult/minor relationships, multiple deaths, and body mutilation.

A striking example is Voltron. Young teens are getting crazy about the current reboot, but the original 1981 story provided, in its very first episode only:

-WWIII, with graphic scenes of civilian deaths (including a baby) and blatant statement that nuclear warfare killed all the life on the planet

-slaves forced to fight in gladiatorial games for the amusement of wealthy aliens, with extremely graphic violence including dismemberment

-unconsensual body modifications, turning sentient beings into beastly cyborgs


-corpse vandalism

Highlights of later episodes include teen girls being sexually assaulted by only vaguely humanoid aliens and graphic deaths of characters ranging from the protagonists to pet companions. And, of course, a romance with a whole decade of age difference, but given that both characters are escaped slaves this is the least disturbing thing to happen to them.

It is only America that insists on sugarcoating the narration for children and teenagers. The fact that stories in America were not so dark in the past is only the result of religious groups straight up censoring the published content, using social pressure when censorship laws were abolished. Comics Code Authority prevented development of mature comics, when in Japan more intellectual, darker stories started appearing in the 50s and entered mainstream at the turn of the sixties and seventies. Meanwhile, in the US mature comics as a genre rather than single artists is a question of early 90s.

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 I feel seriously sorry for Voltron creators.  When they are finally running the asylum for their childhood favourite franchise,  but the fans instead send them death threats over non canonical relationships. How much of an entitled brat do you have to be? 
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Sailor Moon Crystal III
Flip Flappers
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Yuri on Ice
Shingeki no Kyoujin II
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu (opinion may change)
Fun fact: safe for the last title, all the anime listed had canonical queer characters.
Fun fact 2: Half of the anime titles are magical girls (because I am fan of the genre), they also top other series by combined noumber of episodes.
Steven Universe
Miraculous Ladybug
Loli Rock
Voltron: Legendary Defender
Fun fact: All those series were inspired by anime, or, as in case of VLD, are straight up (faithful) remakes of an anime series.
Fun fact 2: Again, magical girls dominate the list.
Honorary mention goes to Legend of Korra, for the comic reigniting fan interest in Avatar franchise.
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Stuff that is considered bad, but which I love:
Kannazuki no Miko
Gundam 00
Gundam Seed franchise
Cursed Child
Wolf Maiden (old Polish horror)
Valkyrie Drive Mermaid
Honestly any femslash as long as f/f couple is the endgame

Stuff people love that I hate:
Moffat's Doctor Who
Teen Wolf
Orange is the new black
Naruto franchise
One Piece
Dragon Ball franchise
One Punch Man
Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul
Game of Thrones
Early Pretty Cure seasons

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 Currently popular among teen girls:
Yuri on Ice  (tame BL)
Killing Stalking  (hardcore guro BL)
Attack on Titan  (hardcore gore with canonical lesbian couple)
Black Butler  (like above,  but without lesbians)
Tokyo Ghoul  (like above)
Little Witch Academia  (school for magical girls)
Sailor Moon  (classic magical girls,  often queer ones)
Hunter x Hunter  (classic adventure shounen)
Hetalia  (weird series about personified countries)
Kantai Collection  (weird series about personified war ships)
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 God,  I am so angry all the time I am intentionally cruel to friends and miss opportunities of educating people. 
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 Lost one friend over a racist view,  lost another over supporting riots.  I suspect a few others share one of these views,  but fear to ask because I do not want to break more friendships  :/
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Superman comics are confusing.  They shouldn’t have tried to combine back stories of Superman II and Superman III. 
Also,  screw yourself for removing Kon-el from Reign of Supermen. 
Batman is repetitive,  but Detective Comics is best comic they are currently publishing. 
Wonder Woman is basically a long way to return to the ending of last pre New 52 storyline.  
Damian Wayne is better written as a supporting character in Nightwing and Superman than main character in Teen Titans. 
Super Sons is cute,  but Damian is kinda OOC.  Still better than Teen Titans. 
Suprise Suprise,  Red Hood and the Outlaws is decently written and beautifully drawn!
Batwoman looks nice.  I have great expectations for the title. 
Superwoman and Supergirl are ok, but not very inspiring. 
Rest of the comics is forgetable. 
Final thought: DC could well drop anything that does not involve batfamily.  I wouldn’t have cried. 
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 My tumblr anti fascist post is being mass liked and reblogged by fascists.  They think it is pro fascism.  Even though it is tagged with racism,  antisemitism,  and homophobia.  I have no words. 
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 I am sure my asexuality is at least partially a result of being seriously repulsed by both breasts and menstrual blood and body hair and sweat. 
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Finally have my computer back. It was in repair for 10 days, only for the mechanic to discover the problem is not with the comp but the cable.
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 Friendly reminder that when he was a teen,  Jason Todd's main weakness was his impulsivity.  He was not arrogant.  He was not aggressive.  He held surprisingly equalist views towards women,  which remains his characteristic every time he interacts with a woman,  even when they fight.  His Red Hood persona is a result of severe brain trauma,  trauma in general,  and living in abusive environment  (Talia is as much if not more fucked up). Given this trauma conga line,  I am surprised the character ended up with any virtue left. 
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 I had a dream in which Dick Grayson was a transboy and gave birth to Damian when he was 14.  I kinda like it.  Maybe I will write a fic based on this premise to squick people one day. 
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 Sweet people play best villians.  See Mark Hamill and Joker.  Or Tom Hiddleston and Loki.  


Jun. 15th, 2017 11:52 am
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 I absolutely cannot stomach cishet romance.  In our culture,  it is default to portray f/m relationships with fem sub and male dom.  Male characters often make casual gestures of dominance and ownership towards female characters. This is supposted to be sexy,  but instead alarm starts to ring in my head,  as this shows the male character does not consider the female one another human but rather an object. Even in the rare cases when the male does not try to dominate the female the physical possibility of such behaviour makes me uncomfortable. Generally the only het couples that are accepted by my brain are the ones where it is stated that the female is a dom and the male is a sub,  and they are happy with it. In any other cases my brain starts to panic. 
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My most hated people are cis gatekeepers.  You know them.  Doctors,  psychiatrists,  judges,  policemen,  who talk shit like below.
“I don’t see long hair, a dress,  high heels,  make up  or painted nails, therefore I will never call you a woman. "
“I see you have a boyfriend.  Therefore you are a woman,  not a man.”
“I aknowledge you are a man,  but you have a child,  and we cannot permit them being bullied for having a trans parent. ”
“You are sexually active.  If you were a true transwoman,  you would have hated your body so much you wouldn’t have been able to be intimate.”
“You are neurodivergent,  mentally disabled or mentally ill,  therefore you are not capable of understanding the concept of gender. ” (I absolutely hate this one.  When I was young I knew a transboy with Down syndrome who was blatant about being a boy,  and his parents laughed this off and kept talking about how mysogyny is integrated in our culture to affect a disabled kid. )
And finally,  “Two Spirit (or any other non Western gender identity, but often Two Spirit) is a New Age bullshit.  No,  I refuse to to read materials you provide me on this topic.”
The worst thing is,  some transgender people seem to believe all of this. WHY? Do you hate yourselves so much?  Do you want to be conditionally accepted at the expense of other trans people?
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 It happened.  Fandom bullshit made me blacklist Wonder Woman,  Black Panther,  and MCU on tumblr.  I am beyond pissed,  and also glad I have this blog. 
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