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Birthdate:Jul 11
Hello there, glad you’ve come to visit! This is a fandom-themed blog of a linguistics student from Poland. It contains posts about different series I’m obsessed with at a given period of time (though I must admit it presents only a section of what interests me, as I tend to have obscure obsessions even by tumblr standards. I’m a hipster :3).

My first language is Polish, I’m fluent in English, my profiency level is about intermediate in Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin; Simplified), I also know some German and Russian, but don’t count on me in those! You can ask me about Poland or Polish any time - i’d be glad to answer! On the other hand, despite speaking English, I only have the most vague idea about what is currently popular in English-speaking countries and will most likely not get allusions, even when they are considered obvious in a given culture. I’d also appreciate feedback here!

My interests are centered around East Asian culture, though on this blog you will see mostly anime/manga & manhwa, or, more precisely, their genres aimed at female audience, especially older titles. I have always felt a strong connection with everything feminine on a personal level, and only rarely read anything outside prefered genra. My favourite authors are Riyoko Ikeda, Hagio Moto, Keiko Takemiya, Maya Mineo, Yun Kouga, Kaori Yuki, Lee Hyeon Suk, Park Sang Sun, Jun Jin Suk and Jun Mochizuki.

I’m interested in LGBT romance. I find them to be more interesting than “straight” romance due to different dynamics of the relationships (and many, many other things). While on this blog you will see mostly BL, as I am obsessed with BL games at the moment, outside tumblr I’m more into yuri. I don’t dislike “straight” romances, but strongly prefer for the characters to stay away from traditional gender roles. I absolutely adore dominant (even sadistic - especially sadistic) women and gentle, feminine men, but my favourite characters are those androgynous both in appearance and mind.
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