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Opinions on the anniversary of DC Rebirth

Superman comics are confusing.  They shouldn’t have tried to combine back stories of Superman II and Superman III. 
Also,  screw yourself for removing Kon-el from Reign of Supermen. 
Batman is repetitive,  but Detective Comics is best comic they are currently publishing. 
Wonder Woman is basically a long way to return to the ending of last pre New 52 storyline.  
Damian Wayne is better written as a supporting character in Nightwing and Superman than main character in Teen Titans. 
Super Sons is cute,  but Damian is kinda OOC.  Still better than Teen Titans. 
Suprise Suprise,  Red Hood and the Outlaws is decently written and beautifully drawn!
Batwoman looks nice.  I have great expectations for the title. 
Superwoman and Supergirl are ok, but not very inspiring. 
Rest of the comics is forgetable. 
Final thought: DC could well drop anything that does not involve batfamily.  I wouldn’t have cried.