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 Marvel superheroes in a cruel few words 
Iron Man: alcoholic, probably shouldn’t be in that armour
Hulk: shot into space by Iron Man
Thor: conquered Earth,  reset time to cover his edgy phase 
Captain America: Bucky’s origin story 
Black Widow: chronic backstabbing syndrome 
Hawkeye: you mean Kate?
War Machine: Better and Improved Iron Man 
Falcon: Better and Improved Captain America
Scarlet Witch: delusional genocider
Quicksilver: fanatical genocider
Vision: ungrateful daddy of Tommy and Billy
Ant-Man: Stature’s origin story 
Wasp: dead 
Black Panther: Storm’s love interest
Spider Man: hoo boy prepare for a world of hurt

DC superheroes in a cruel few words 
Superman: total jerk
Batman: ephebophile
Wonder Woman: bondage freak
Green Lantern: idiot
Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg: forgetable
Supergirl: incestous asshole
Robin: twink bondage freak
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i relate to the iron man one a lot 👍

(more like "drug addict, probably shouldn't be in that armor" but still)