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Man, some of the Secret Empire tie ins are great. I love Mighty Captain Marvel and Secret Warriors (who are Quake and Karnak and Mockingbird and Giant Man and Inferno, though?). Captain America is chilling, both of them, and gaves fascinating insight into inner workings of a fascist regime. I wonder how the story will end.
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I find it fascinating that the Big Two are doing controversial crossover events at the same time. By this point probably every comic book reader has heard about the "Steve Rogers have always been a Hydra sleeper agent and the Axis originally won WWII" controversy of Secret Empire, but DC decided to introduce characters from The Watchmen into their main continuity despite the creator opposing it strongly from the beginning. Fans of neither company can claim moral superiority. (Why is the DC/Marvel rivarly a thing, anyways?) I personally consider the question of whether a story is well written to be of greater importance than whether the story is moral. It's too early to say anything about The Button, but Secret Empire is the most interesting thing to happen to Steve Rogers since the original Civil War over a decade earlier. Even in the worst case scenario the actions of Hydra!Steve can be atributed to the fact that he is not real Steve Rogers, and that the original never returned from dead. This would retcon every idiotic storyline in a decade, and a decade's worth of idiotic storylines is a lot.
Assorted comic book complaints:
-killing characters off to be replaced by "better" versions/legacies makes the new nameholders meaningless. Recent examples: Superman, Lois Lane, Lobo, Iron Man.
-when you insert a popular character everywhere people will start associatting them with crappy crossover events and the character will lose their popularity. Examples: Loki, Batwoman, Ms Marvel, Moon Girl.


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