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 I absolutely cannot stomach cishet romance.  In our culture,  it is default to portray f/m relationships with fem sub and male dom.  Male characters often make casual gestures of dominance and ownership towards female characters. This is supposted to be sexy,  but instead alarm starts to ring in my head,  as this shows the male character does not consider the female one another human but rather an object. Even in the rare cases when the male does not try to dominate the female the physical possibility of such behaviour makes me uncomfortable. Generally the only het couples that are accepted by my brain are the ones where it is stated that the female is a dom and the male is a sub,  and they are happy with it. In any other cases my brain starts to panic. 
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Date: 2017-06-15 10:59 pm (UTC)
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Well, without wanting to spoil you too much, all I can say is that Shiki was born inside a clan where their members are born with dual personalities - one male, other female - as well with an innate impulse to kill, since they are from a linage of demon hunters. Normally, they use one personally to kill, and the other to act as "everyday man", and because of that, they tend to grow unstable, with Shiki being an exception, even if she has a particular moment of unstability/confusion. Is from that she develops an "orange and blue" morality, as well the belief that one can kill only once in life. She's indeed a very good character and I totally recommend you to watch!


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