Jun. 14th, 2017

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My most hated people are cis gatekeepers.  You know them.  Doctors,  psychiatrists,  judges,  policemen,  who talk shit like below.
“I don’t see long hair, a dress,  high heels,  make up  or painted nails, therefore I will never call you a woman. "
“I see you have a boyfriend.  Therefore you are a woman,  not a man.”
“I aknowledge you are a man,  but you have a child,  and we cannot permit them being bullied for having a trans parent. ”
“You are sexually active.  If you were a true transwoman,  you would have hated your body so much you wouldn’t have been able to be intimate.”
“You are neurodivergent,  mentally disabled or mentally ill,  therefore you are not capable of understanding the concept of gender. ” (I absolutely hate this one.  When I was young I knew a transboy with Down syndrome who was blatant about being a boy,  and his parents laughed this off and kept talking about how mysogyny is integrated in our culture to affect a disabled kid. )
And finally,  “Two Spirit (or any other non Western gender identity, but often Two Spirit) is a New Age bullshit.  No,  I refuse to to read materials you provide me on this topic.”
The worst thing is,  some transgender people seem to believe all of this. WHY? Do you hate yourselves so much?  Do you want to be conditionally accepted at the expense of other trans people?


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